CSGO: Tips on Using AK-47

Posted on 06/15/2017 by admin

Since the AK-47 has such a strong lethality, then the CSGOers are most concerned about how to use this device with strong lethality of course. This article is not a specific AK Raiders, only here we are to say two basic tips. The first is the shot, generally it is applicable to long-distance crossfire. Shooting must pay attention to the rhythm of the control, and the fast and rhythmic single point is best, try to aim at the enemy’s upper body. Followed by it is fire, that is, we commonly know as “splashing water”. This is of course suitable for close combat, but because of the recoil of AK’s large ballistic is not easy to control, which involves the problem of pressure gun.

AK-47 trajectory is the first vertical upward, and then it turns right and then back to the central part of the central rotation in the middle. Then the AK-47’s gun track is moving down the mouse, then moving left to the right and then moving back to the middle. Only skilled use of pressure gun skills, can you win in close proximity to the fire. Of course, here is just something about the AK-47 use, and if you want to really use this weapon, you can go to search some of the teaching videos made by those professional CSGO players, and then supplemented by a lot of practice and actual combat, so you really master AK-47 in CS: GO.

It can be said that all the excellent riflemen in the world, such as coldzera, shox, s1mple, flamie, duphree, olof and so on are all masters who are using the AK, whether it is the conventional plays such as far point gun, near splashing, or Jumping, go bursting, piercing and other metaphysical skills, in their hands the AK has been interpreted to be very ornamental. And check ксго джекпот to enjoy CSGO with AK-47 now.

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