CSGO: The Personal Scores and Money When Playing CSGO

Posted on 06/21/2017 by admin

Each CS: GO players are unyielding warriors, in the game you are always concerned about the tab key, not only to understand the teammate trends, but also in the unity of the secretly to compete with each other: when you are at top one or top two position, as if you are the leader in the game, and can have the confidence to command the team; but if you rank at the end, you may feel it shame and and feel uneasy during playing the game, and just hope to kill more enemies to turn over. Of course, the different team battlefield location and different division of labor make it the limitation when measuring the personal level with scores.


But there are a lot of csgo players who care about the personal score when playing CSGO, and sometimes feel that they have the hands of God to kill the four parties, but still did not rank the top one position, if you would like to know how this score is calculated, then let us know About the score calculation and the money reward of the player in the CS: GO.

Player score

The player’s score is used to indicate the difference between you and other players in a game. You can see your personal score on the scoring board by pressing the TAB key (and the score for teammates and opponents)



In the classic model, you can earn money by personal play and teamwork. To use these money prizes to buy weapons at the beginning of the round In competitive mode, your cap is $ 16000. In the leisure mode, your cap is $ 10000 limited. This limit is $ 8000 in the best partner mode that appears in the Hydra Big Action.


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