CSGO: Astralis Team Xyp9x Set up Danish Players Union

Posted on 06/23/2017 by admin

Over the past few years, CS: GO has made a thriving development and has attracted more and more people to join this emerging market. Today Astralis team Xyp9x announced the partnership with DEF-Sport to set up the Danish gaming club. DEF-Sport also has Danish badminton, basketball and ice hockey players union. The union represents the Danish players who want to be professional. These players do not need to sign contracts with trade unions, but need to support the unions at some future time. After joining the union, the player can consult with the union about the relevant legal provisions: salary, tax, pension, etc., to prevent themselves from being defrauded. The union’s leadership is Mads Øland, the leader of the Danish soccer player union, who, for the past few years, has run for the players’ rights.

After Astralis won the E League Major, DEF-Sport decided to enter CS: GO. Earlier this year, there was an organization called “the only gaming” set up, its customer base is also the Danish CS: GO players, the current AnJ, smF, Inzta are among them.

Here are some briefly introductions on the different firearms kill rewards in CSGO:

The vast majority of pistols kills are $ 300, only the CZ75 kill is $ 100

All shotguns kills are $ 900

The vast majority of assault rifles are $ 600, only P90 kill is $ 300

Rifles, machine gun kills are $ 300

Most of the sniper rifles are $ 300, and only the AWP kill is $ 100

All grenades kills are $ 300, whether it is grenade kill, burning burns kill or flash bombs kill.

In addition, the reward with a knife to kill is $ 1500, and the electric guns kill will have no money.

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