CSGO Legend Player F0rest

Posted on 06/26/2017 by admin

Sweden, in the past many years has always been the absolute center of the world CS. This is a country located in the Scandinavian Peninsula of the Nordic countries, gave birth to batch after batch of outstanding players, and f0rest is undoubtedly one of the best. This player who has been nearly 30 years old in 2005 officially began his career, this year is his thirteenth year of the campaign. For a person’s life, thirteen years is also a very long period of time, let alone in the irreplaceable juvenile period. In 2006, being only 18 years old, f0rest was chosen by Fnatic, and joined the European giants clan, which is the beginning of the whole legend. In the first year of joining FNC, f0rest showed off the edge, he won the team’s CPL champion of that year, and in the World E-sports contest, he won the silver medal. Relying on the excellent performance, Fnatic in the Leipzig Game Show (GC), was named the year’s best e-sports clan, and f0rest was named the best CS professional player of that year.

F0rest has been in this field for more than a decade, from the initial CS to the later CS: GO, forest with his own efforts and love burns the whole youth. And the fresh F0rest now has become the skilled and prefessional player in CSGO. The past 2016 for f0rest, can be described as ups and downs. They won the SL-I and IEM Auckland champion, the world ranking once returned to the world first, but in the Major preselection in the end of 2016, they was inexplicably crashed, and brought to their knees, until now.

One day f0rest will be announced to retire, leaving the battlefield where he has battled for more than ten years, and I believe that every player who loves CS and CSGO will get up at that moment, with the warmest applause to show the last farewell for the legend f0rest.

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